You have all probably seen the party gear Finnish students have on: the overalls. To party in the proper Finnish way, these fashionable items are the thing to put on at student parties. There is a whole culture build around the overalls for university students and here I want to tell you guys a little bit more about that and also about your chance to get a pair of your own.

So as you may have noticed, overalls come in a variety of bright colours. These colours represent your field of study. For example, the ESN overalls are blue, the business students’ are white, psychology students’ yellow, and so on. On the back they also state your subject organization and what you study. Apart from them being very bright and colourful by themselves, overalls are also filled with all sorts of funny patches.



The overalls are for student parties, indoors and out. The best thing about them is just this: you never have to wonder what to wear, you’re never cold and they are so incredibly comfortable! Bonuses are also not having to bring a purse anywhere, you can store your entire life in the many pockets that overalls have. Also always fun finding random things from your nights out later on from your pockets: my latest find, a nail. They are suitable for outdoors activities, such as snow day and Vappu (more on these later on in the semester), because you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty: that’s how they are supposed to look. If your overalls are perfectly clean with no dirt on the knees or your butt, you haven’t been doing it right!



There is a certain set of rules to obey when it comes to the overall culture:

1. Never shall you ever wash them! Now this is important. Your student life, parties, tumbles and all are supposed to show on your overalls, so do not wash them. Mine are originally white and this being my fourth year at uni, well let’s just leave it at they used to be white. There is a small loophole in this rule: you can wash them when you’re wearing them. It being winter, good luck with that!

2. Do not wear your overalls all the way up. As you can see from these pictures, the overalls are supposed to be tied on your waist. This way everyone can see what you study from the back. You tie them by the sleeves in a way that the ESN logo can be seen. Also, remember to have a belt: the overalls are quite big and you don’t want them falling down when you’re displaying your awesome dance moves. Wearing them all the way up is reserved for certain groups of students, but is not the usual conduct we use.

3. Only wear overalls to student events. There are so many perks in wearing overalls that I for one would wear them all the time if I could. However, they are associated with either being drunk or having the purpose of getting drunk very soon. They are your student uniform, but overalls are reserved for student events and parties, so only use them there. Clubs and bars will not let you in on the weekends wearing overalls, since they are not a proper outfit to wear out. If you are unsure about whether to put them on or not, you can always ask other students or Finns.



4. Patch them up! Your overalls should be filled with all sorts of memories. Patches are the usual ones, since you get them from almost every event. You can also purchase patches to fill up your overalls. But they are not the only thing you can have on there. You can have your friends sign them, hang a glass or a shot glass from them (always handy), have cheap jewellery, leis or a bottle opener hanging off of them, basically anything you can think of. Make them your own and fill them up with memories to look back on for years to come :)

5. ENJOY! Now this is pretty self-explanatory, have a blast while wearing them! This is your uniform here, an awesome memory to bring back home with you and tell your friends about. Collect patches, get stains, dance your butt off and take a break from the studies. Overalls are a part of our student identity so wear your ESN ones with pride. You can also get away with a bit more with overalls on, non-overall wearing folk tend to be a bit more forgiving towards us with this clear signal of “I turned my brain off for the night” on.



Now, since I think I made my point about the importance of having overalls, you are probably wondering how to get your own pair. The next time we will be selling overalls at the Patch Market at Agora 31.1. from 10:00-13:00. This is your chance to get a pair of your very own ESN overalls and also purchase some patches for them already to gear up for the next party to come.
Suit up!