Some of you might have heard tales of this noble tradition we have here in Finland, the freshmen party. Your tutors might have told you stories from their parties back when they were freshmen: it is the most memorable night that some of you will have no memory of when you wake up the next morning. Prepare yourselves for this party, since there is a few things to know and remember before and during the actual event. And as all good things are, this is a competition, so let’s go and win it!

In Finland, all the student associations organize a freshman party for the new students in the beginning of Fall. Not only is it important for bonding with new classmates, it is also how the oldies welcome the newbies to student life, and officially make them members of the university community and their student organization. This is how you earn your place amongst the older students. Traditionally, older students wear their student overalls to this event; freshmen normally don't have theirs yet at this point, so depending on the organizer, the freshmen wear either a costume or other specified items told by the older students. The main idea is the following: there are crosspoints spread around the campuses and the city with different kinds of tasks, which will be evaluated based on performance, team spirit, attitude, and bribing. The students are divided into groups and they follow a route given to them, going through all the crosspoints and trying to score as many points as possible. The groups will be led by older students, group leaders. Depending on the association, the level of drinking and humiliation at the freshman party can vary to a great extent, but for everyone, the point is to have a carefree night of harmless fun. What happens at a freshmen party, stays at a freshmen party. This code is honored by both, the students participating and the group leaders witnessing the fun.


How to behave at a freshman party then?


1. Prepare a costume according to the theme if there is one given. This will directly affect the points you get for attitude and spirit at the crosspoints.

2. Get something to bribe the crosspoint holders with. Even they realize that it is not possible for everyone to be the best at everything. This is why you need to have drinks, food, gifts, compliments, - anything really - with you to make the judges give you points for something other than your performance, and if necessary, make them forget all about your performance. We’ve seen it all from liquor to lap dances so be creative!



1. The teams will be randomly assigned. Make friends with everyone in your group, and come up with a team name and possibly a theme song or a routine to do along the way and upon arrival to each crosspoint. Each team will have one or two group leaders who know the drill and who will help you find your way in the city and charm the judges.

2. Be in a good mood, and spread it. Team spirit and attitude will definitely be valued by the crosspoint holders.

3. Read the map or the instructions carefully, and follow the route given to you to avoid waiting, getting lost, and missing crosspoints.

4. Respect the judges. Always respect the judges.

5. Bribe the judges. Always bribe the judges.

6. Remember also to keep up the good spirit between crosspoints as well. We have spies around every corner. If you come across another team (also known as your competition) on the way, the general rule is to be louder and have oh so much more fun than they do.

7. Do your best or your worst, as long as you have fun!



Join the amazing afterparty, where the team with the best overall performance will be rewarded. Share stories about the things you did and saw along the way, and compare experiences from the crosspoints - at this point it is already ok and even recommended to be friendly with your competition. Leave it all behind, enjoy a night out in disguise, and party until the dawn!

You can find the ESN Jyväskylä Freshman party in Facebook, check out the event for more details!