It all started in early Thursday morning in February 2018 when I took a train from Jyväskylä to Helsinki train station where other ESN Finland sections’ people were waiting for me. After we have waited couple others to join us we then took a tram to Katajanokka where the ferries leave.

When we arrived to Tallinn we first had a medieval lunch at Olde Hansa which was amazing. Don’t ask if they have diet Coca Cola there, they are medieval house :D. Then we started our way to Riga by a nice bus. When we had arrived we had the dinner and many took nice burgers in a bar just next to out hostel. In the evening we had some clubbing in Riga. Good party music and atmosphere I think


Our first night was in a hostel and the best part of it was the breakfast in a café next to it. After the breakfast and some walking we had a tour in the city by a very nice professional guide and then a visit in the Riga KGB museum. We got to hear interesting stories and got to see real pictures of the prisoners. I recommend to take a picture there of yourself locked behind the cells!

Then we travelled to Kaunas Lithuania where we had a very nice hotel. There we had in a traditional Lithuanian dinner which included for example stuffed potatoes and a special Lithuanian dessert. The best part of the dinner was the music which was played by local band. We also had some traditional dance which many of us enjoyed. I really liked the hotel and the breakfast buffet was generous. The staff was also very helpful without forgetting Timetravels golden staff from who you can always ask help and talk to during the trip. 

Soviet bunker was next experience but I did not go there. Maybe I was a bit too scared. Anyway people who went there were quite fascinated. And at least it looked just suitable crude place from outside.

Hill of Crosses was amazing although the weather was quite sad. But maybe it was just the purpose because the rain and all the grayness made the hill look more creepy.

The last night was spent in a bus and if I was you I would take a proper pillow with me there! No harm if you also take some warm and comfy clothes which are nice to sleep on.

Due to our late time schedule we did not do all the things that exchange students get to see during their trip. One was the legendary combat weapons shooting and other for example Tallinn TV tower. But nevertheless the tour was super nice and I can fully recommend going there! Just few minutes walk from the hotel was a nice shopping mall which prizes are cheap when you compare to finnish prizes. I recommend to go there and buy some local or Lithuanian food from the supermarket! For example they have nice meat there.

Essi Tanskanen