ESN Jyväskylä is recruiting!

Search for the board for next year has begun. We are looking for international minded, awesome individuals to join our section. Are you interested in internationalization here in Finland? Are you suffering from post-Erasmus symptoms and find yourself missing the international environment? Do you wish to meet exchange students and help them to make the best out of their Erasmus exchange? Think no more, send your application - we want you!

Open call is from 08.-20.11. Here you can find the descriptions concerning the board positions.

Send us your application to by 20.11. and join our family! Should you have anything to ask concerning a specific position, you can contact us in our Facebook addressing your message to the person currently holding the position.

We are looking forward of hearing from you. Go international - you won’t regret it!




  • Holds the final and uttermost responsibility for all the functions of the organisation
  • Takes care of the administration of the organisation
  • Makes sure the bylaws of the organisation are followed in all the functions of the board
  • Attends meetings and keeps contact with university bodies and other possible partners
  • Calls and chairs board meetings
  • Takes care that board members are up to speed on their tasks
  • Keeps up to date on the functions, projects and needs of the association


  • A balanced personality with a strong sense of responsibility
  • Management, organisational and group leading skills
  • Social and communication skills, ability to get along with all kinds of people
  • Willingness to adapt and compromise, and the ability to lead the board in making democratic decisions
  • A high tolerance for stress and an ability to work under pressure
  • Previous ESN experience and knowledge necessary




  • Shares responsibility with the president and helps with management duties
  • Helps the board with everyday errands and board members in their duties as necessary
  • Actively supports and helps the Events Committee in their work
  • Motivates the board and committee members in their duties and makes sure everyone is up to their tasks



  • A motivating, encouraging personality
  • An aptitude for multitasking
  • Management, organisational and group leading skills
  • Good communication skills and a high tolerance for stress
  • Willingness to adapt to new situations and get along with all kinds of people
  • Previous knowledge of ESN and/or other volunteering experience very much recommended




  • Books cabinets for meetings, prepares the agenda together with the president and prints (or otherwise prepares) it for the meeting
  • Accurately and clearly writes down the decisions taken and tasks distributed at each meeting
  • Makes sure the minutes are always sent to the board within a certain timeframe after the meeting and are approved by a meeting and signed by the right people
  • Together with the presidents, takes care of answering emails and of communicating tasks and decisions within the board
  • Handles gadget orders (welcome bags, t-shirts, patches)



  • Trustworthiness, accuracy
  • An organised personality
  • Readiness to commit to always being in board meetings on time and staying for the full length of the meeting





  • Keeps watch of the money flow of the organisation
  • Accounts the income and takes care of invoices, payments and bank transactions
  • Prepares the budget together with the president(s) and makes sure the board follows it
  • Balances the books at the end of the year, writes and presents the financial statement
  • Cooperates with the president and the auditor
  • Together with the PR Manager, promotes the ESNcard and its benefits



  • Basic knowledge of accounting
  • A strong sense of responsibility
  • Accuracy, trustworthiness and responsiveness to deadlines
  • Good Finnish skills




  • Acts as the main contact person between ESN Jyväskylä and other ESN sections on the national and international level
  • Reports the whereabouts of ESN Finland and ESN International to the local section and vice versa
  • Together with the president, keeps contact with our buddy section
  • Attends monthly Skype meetings with other LRs of ESN Finland
  • Attends local meetings (SIA, partners, universities) to represent the section, get us visibility and report our activities
  • Takes care of gadget orders from ESN Finland and ESN International (ESNcards, webshop, overalls, flags)



  • A social, outgoing personality
  • Great communication skills and a good level of English
  • Commitment to the task A cooperative, innovative and initiative-taking mind set
  • Readiness to represent ESN Jyväskylä at official and unofficial meetings and to promote our best work Previous knowledge of ESN




  • Acts as the contact person between ESN Jyväskylä and the travel agency Timetravels
  • Books the trips, organises sign-ups, answers students’ questions and helps them before, during and after the trips
  • Promotes the trips



  • Patience, an ability to work under pressure and a high tolerance for stress
  • High availability particularly during the travel season
  • A determined mind and decision-making abilities
  • Communication and marketing skills Previous ESN knowledge recommended




  • Are in charge of organising different types of events and parties with and without our partners
  • Work together as a team
  • Take ideas and make them reality
  • Together with project coordinators, are in charge of implementing ESN projects in our activities
  • Are the main responsibles for the Events Committee:
  • Hold separate meetings with the committee
  • Divide roles and tasks within the committee
  • Report back to the board 
  • Work as the link between the Events Committee and the board



  • Outgoing, innovative qualities
  • Excellent social skills
  • Good organisational skills
  • Good delegation, team work and team leading skills
  • Experience in communicating to big audiences
  • New ideas and the ability and courage to turn them into reality
  • Adaptability, quick thinking and perseverance in coming through with plans despite setbacks
  • Marketing and communication skills a plus




  • Promotes ESN and our activities to both Finns and internationals
  • Looks for possible partners and updates our current deals
  • Makes ESNcard deals and sponsorship contracts
  • Promotes the ESNcard together with the Treasurer
  • Together with the IT manager, creates graphics and other promotional material
  • Keeps our social media updated
  • Writes a bi-monthly newsletter to our members
  • Works for the brand identity of our organisation



  • New promotional ideas, innovative thinking
  • A go-get-it attitude: does not fear sponsorship and partner meetings and has the nerve to demand and make killer deals
  • Great social and communication skills
  • Commitment to the job and a love for the organisation
  • Knowledge of social media and marketing
  • Appreciation of the ESN brand rules and guidelines
  • Graphic skills a big big plus!




  • Keeps the website updated
  • Administrates the mailing list and mass mail system
  • Administrates the membership database
  • Creates web forms and other tools to be used by the board
  • Creates graphics and updates the social media together with the PR & Communications Manager
  • Comes up with and implements new, innovative ways to use IT tools to make the board’s life and work easier



  • IT skills
  • Willingness to improve, learn and implement new ways of working
  • Responsiveness to tight deadlines
  • Knowledge of social media and online marketing
  • Graphic design skills a big plus