ESN Jyväskylä is looking for YOU to be part of our amazing team.

Do you want to get international working experience in one of the biggest student networks in Europe? Perhaps you are missing your own exchange times and that international vibe, trips and crazy parties? Or maybe you have spent a lovely semester here in Jyväskylä but you want to help organising events for your fellow exchange students. ESN JKL provides you the opportunity to develop yourself and your skills with a fantastic team!

Erasmus Student Network's core values are: unity, diversity and students helping other students in a fun and open environment. ESN Jyväskylä is the local section of the network and our goal is to make exchange students' time in Finland unforgettable through our events, activities and trips. We also stand for promoting an international atmosphere for the local students.

ESN is not just about having fun with international students. While we're doing what we love, we're developing real skills. The members, as well as the exchange students, benefit from the organisation in many ways. Here is a selection of a few of the many skills that you get to develop within ESN:

  • Intercultural communication and teamwork skills in multidisciplinary and international team atmosphere
  • Practical skills for your future professional career such as, language and communication skills in English (all talent levels are warmly welcome), presentation, project management and time management skills
  • Networking opportunities in Finland and abroad in conferences, meetings and workshops
  • Valuable working experience for your CV

And most importantly…

  • Unforgettable memories with your new ESN family!

Here are specific descriptions of the current Board ‘20 positions, please note that tasks and roles may vary due to the person’s interests. Under these descriptions, you can find the guide how to apply.


  • Holds the final responsibility for all the functions of the organisation and takes care of both short and long term vision
  • Takes care of the administration duties and manages and chairs the board meetings
  • Represents ESN Jyväskylä in various meetings both locally with commercial and university partners and also nationally and internationally in ESN conferences and meetings
  • Together with the vice-president makes sure that all board members are up-to-date with their respective tasks
  • Is responsible for writing an action plan for autumn general meeting and an annual report and a financial statement for spring general meeting together with the vice president, treasurer and the rest of the board
  • Is responsible for the transition period and knowledge transfer between the old and the new board
  • Takes care of the well-being of the team by motivating, training and informing the rest of the board


Management, organisational and group-leading skills are helpful during your term. Most importantly, you get along with people from different backgrounds and are dedicated to your work. Decision making, leadership, communication and presentation skills are useful for leading a team successfully. General knowledge of Erasmus Student Network and ESN Jyväskylä is recommended.

Vice President:

  • Works in cooperation and shares responsibility with the president
  • Helps with management duties to an equal proportion of workload
  • Helps the board with everyday errands and board members in their duties as necessary


Management, organisational and group-leading skills. Willingness to adapt to new situations and get along with all kinds of people. Previous ESN or association volunteering experience is recommended but not required.


  • Is responsible for the overall financial situation of the association
  • Is responsible for payments and bank account transactions and accounts the income from various activities
  • Makes the budget for the next term together with the President and makes sure that the board sticks to it
  • Balances the books at the end of the year and writes a financial statement. Co-operates with the auditor


Fluent Finnish skills. Previous experience of accounting is a bonus but not mandatory.


  • Makes the meeting arrangements such as: booking the meeting room, prints the agenda and minutes and keeps the meeting minutes
  • Makes sure that in addition to him-/herself, the minutes are signed by the chairperson and the scrutinizers of the meeting and other bylaws are followed


Trustworthiness and organisational skills and Fast typing and good writing skills in English are useful. Readiness to commit to being on time in the board meetings and staying for the whole meeting, and to provide the meeting minutes within a certain time frame after the meeting.

Local Representative:

  • Represents the local section when working with the national and international levels of the network (ESN Finland, ESN International)
  • Is up-to-date what happens in the large network and keeps the local section updated with news and current topics
  • Represents local section in ESN meetings and conferences nationally and internationally
  • Reports the whereabouts of ESN Finland and ESN International to the local section


Previous knowledge of the ESN network is helpful, but not a requirement. Good listening, communication and argumentation skills are needed. Active cooperation with other sections to develop the local section and the national level.

Travel Coordinator:

  • The contact person between ESN Jyväskylä and the travel agency TimeTravels
  • Books the trips, organises sign-ups to the trips, answers questions and promotes the trips
  • Is responsible for educating the group leaders for the trip
  • Is the coordinator of the local section in the Pirates of the Baltic Sea Cruise


Good communication and marketing skills, decision making abilities and problem solving skills are helpful.

Event Coordinator(s):

  • Is in charge of all the events in general and organises various parties and other events with and without our partners
  • Is in charge of the Event committee and guides the active members
  • Creates the events and takes care of the promotion with the rest of the board


Out-going and innovative qualities. Good social, organisational and planning skills. New ideas about how to get Finns and exchange students to get to know each other. The ability to turn ideas into reality. Basic IT knowledge is a plus.

IT Manager:

  • Updates the website, helps the PR manager by creating graphics for promotional purposes.
  • Administrates the membership database, mailing lists and social media with the rest of the board
  • Helps the rest of the board with any IT related tasks


Adequate knowledge of IT, willingness and ability to learn new things and adapt, good knowledge of English, graphic skills are a big plus.

PR & Communications Manager:

  • Promotes ESN to both Finns and internationals
  • Is responsible for the search of new possible partners and makes sponsorship contracts
  • Attempts to increase people's acknowledgement of ESN
  • Promotes events and activities and keeps social media up-to-date together with other board members
  • Takes care of the local sections visual look and that it follows ESN values


New ideas about how to promote ESN, especially among Finns. Does not fear sponsor or partner meetings and has the nerve to demand and make killer deals. Previous ESN knowledge not required, however has to commit to taking care of their duties, because this is not only a challenge, but also super important to our section. Knowledge of using social media for promotional purposes is useful in this position. Graphic & photographing skills are a huge plus!

How to apply:

Please send an informal application (max. 1 page) to one or more positions to by the 18th of November 2020 at 23:59 EET.
In your email you should introduce yourself, tell us why you’re interested in becoming part of ESN and in the particular position, and what you can offer us in this position and generally as a board member.

The new board will be elected at the Autumn General Meeting of the association on the 19th of November (@16:00 in Juho - Ruusupuisto). You will have the opportunity to briefly introduce yourself and answer questions in the meeting. You can still apply if you cannot attend the meeting, let us know and we will arrange the details with you so that you can attend remotely! 

We are eagerly waiting for your application!