The Board 2015

The board 2015

Elli, Marjut, Annika, Sanna, Heini, Manoj, Claudia, Ella, Victor, Petra, Paula, Mikko


President:  Annika Selander

I'm Annika, currently in my umpteenth year of studying French, English, intercultural communication, and pedagogy, very likely never going to grow up and/or graduate. After years of talking about it, I also just started studying Spanish, and I am muy excited about it!

I spent my own unforgettable Erasmus semester in Bordeaux, France a few years ago, and completely lost my heart to ESN when I came back home. This is my third year in ESN Jyväskylä, and I’m now proud to be the president of the bunch. My little universe has been so much better since my exchange, and our goal is to make that happen for you as well.

When I'm not ESNing, studying, searching for the closest place to find coffee, obsessing over Spotify playlists or redecorating my apartment on a whim, I like to spend my time enjoying good music and food. I appreciate snail mail, stupid jokes, and witty word use both in written and spoken form, and I'm almost always up to something - more often than not way too many things at the same time.

I can't wait to get the new year going, let’s make some magic happen!


Vice President: Paula Saarinen

I'm Paula! You can also call me Pave. :) I'm the vice-president so basically I help others as much as possible and make sure that our lovely president is happy. I study speech communication, economics and intercultural communication. I've lived 6 months in the Netherlands as an exchange student. My exchange time changed my life and ESN had a huge effect on that. When I’m not doing something related to ESN I enjoy my time by seeing friends, doing sports, and having fun. Although the ESN family is taking care of all those activities. Feel free to contact me or other board members if you have any questions, feedback, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing you all!


Local Representative: Marjut Jalkanen

I’m Marjut and I’m the local representative of ESN Jyväskylä. My main task is to take care of the communications between the ESN sections in Finland but I love to organise different events, from parties to different sports.

I study at the School of Business and Economics and my major is management and leadership. I had my crazy/fun/awesome exchange experience in the south of Spain in the city of Granada during the academic year 2010-2011. I love doing team sports, especially ringette (hand up if you know the sport), football and floorball, I won’t say no to a great party and I’m always ready for some travelling.

I have been part of the ESN Jyväskylä board for three years and I can’t help loving this organisation. Being in ESN has already given me so much: great friends, brilliant trips, crazy parties, delicious food and exciting sport events. I'm expecting the spring of 2015 to be full of great adventures with all the international students and our amazing board.


Secretary: Sanna Rauhamäki

My name is Sanna and I study cell and molecular biology as my major, but I've cheated it with chemistry, Asian studies and nowadays also with IT. I've been part of ESN Jyväskylä for quite some time and I don't seem to get enough of it. I'm very enthusiastic about everything ESN and I want to do my best to help all internationally minded students have the time of their lives in my dear hometown - Jyväskylä. Although as the secretary my responsibilities lie mostly within the board and are not directly focused on organizing free time activities for students, it's virtually impossible to forgo lending a helping hand every now and again. It's safe to say ESN  activities are one of my favorite things I like to do in my free time, next to doing sports, traveling, studying languages and training my dog Ilo. To conclude, I'd love to discover Jyväskylä all over again (and who knows what else) with all the awesome people on exchange. And of course, if you need paw therapy, you know who to contact.


Treasurer: Elli Kantanen

Hello there and welcome to Jyväskylä!

My name is Elli and I’m a 23-year-old economics major student and a newbie in the ESN family. As a treasurer my main task is to have fun and create new awesome experiences with exchange students and other ESN active members, but also to take care of the finances from everyday banking, invoicing and bookkeeping to long-term budgeting. I spent my exchange year(2013/2014) in Switzerland and I lost my heart not only to the beautiful country but also to ESN people and activities. Actually, I enjoyed the exchange life so much that the original plan of one semester studies was drawn out to the whole academic year (okay, I am not denying the role that the Alps and the start of the skiing season might have played in this decision too).

I like challenging myself by trying new things out: last semester I participated in beginner’s courses of tennis and rugby. For this semester my new field will take place in Café Lingua and learning italian. Therefore I challenge you guys to step outside of your comfort zone and join me!

When I’m not studying or ESNing (yes, it is a verb!) you will most likely find me redecorating my small apartment, on the ski slope or relaxing in a sauna!


Travel Coordinator: Claudia Thomayer

My name is Claudia and I’m studying Early Childhood Education. Originally I’m from Vienna, Austria and I spent my Erasmus semester here in Jyväskylä in spring 2014. Those five months were the most amazing time in my life and as I completely fell in love with everything here, I decided to stay for doing my Master’s.

As ESN Jkl was mainly responsible for making my Erasmus semester as awesome as it was, I am so glad to be part of this family and awesomeness now. As the thing I enjoyed the most were the amazing trips we did, I am really happy to be the new travel coordinator. So if you have questions, feel free to ask! But be aware, that my enthusiasm about going to Lapland or Russia is very infectious…

I love being outdoor and as long as there is snow, you’ll find me at Laajis (the skiing “hill”) nearly every day. So if you love (downhill) skiing as much as I do or if you want to try it, let me know! I love winter and snow. So don’t wonder, if you see me enjoying also the 100th snowfall in one winter like a 3-year-old. (And when the skiing season is finally over, I’ll do bike tours as often as possible.)

But besides that, I love hanging around with friends. So join me whenever and wherever you see me!


Events Coordinator: Petra Piironen

I fulfilled my destiny joining the ESN board as event coordinator this spring after two years of being active member. After my own exchange in Haarlem, the Netherlands last spring I can say that I’m more motivated than ever to make ESN events this season unforgettable! If I’m not banging my head to table in the library (or drinking coffee in cafe Libri, feel free to join), you can find me running in Harju, in University sports turns, playing the cello in university symphony orchestra or working in Paviljonki or rock club Lutakko. If you ever feel like you’d like to know something about local music scene, I’m your girl! I’m always on a lookout for new friends from around the world, but be careful, I’m the kind that will come visit you in your home country when you least expect. I’m here for you, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions on ESN events and let me know if I can help you realize some new, cool event idea!


Events Coordinator: Manoj Kumar

Hi All,

My name is Manoj and I will be your Event Coordinator this year. I am a Communications and Business student at University of Jyväskylä. I am fond of travelling, partying and socialising with new people.

I am from India and came to Finland in September 2013. I got to know about ESN when I first attended the Freshmen party. It was the best experience I have ever had in my student life. Later I started working with ESN not only to participate but also to make events more fun. It’s my 2nd year with ESN and I will make sure with along with the entire ESN Team that you will experience the best time of your student lives.  Being an international student here I can understand your enthusiasm, curiosity, anxiety, so if you have anything to ask or share you are always welcome :)


IT Manager: Mikko Hyvärinen

The classic Erasmus story happened to me too in Vienna, Austria. I was expecting to experience living abroad and maybe to get some international experience, but I got so much more than I expected that it's impossible to even begin to comprehend. Erasmus left a gaping hole in me which I had to fill up somehow. I felt I could do most if I helped the exchange students in Jyväskylä, just like my ESN buddies had done for me in Vienna. I love skiing, snowboarding, running, languages, and travelling. I dream of having a flexible job in an international environment where I could travel and meet new people from all over the world. I feel like I'm a bit closer to my dream now. :)


Café Lingua Coordinator: Ella Hellman


I’m Ella, third year speech communication student and the Café Lingua coordinator for the year 2015.  I had my unforgettable exchange in Groningen, the Netherlands in the spring 2014 and that was the best semester I’ve had so far. I hope, that as an ESN member, I can help making your exchange in Jyvaskyla as awesome as mine was in Groningen. My favorite hobby is to travel but because of some economical issues, I cannot do that as often as I would like. Other, cheaper free-time activities that I like to do are long walks in the mornings, all kinds of board games and sitting in bar Vakiopaine with friends.

Hope to see you all at Café Lingua!

PR & Communications Manager: Heini Kaisto

Hi y'all!

I'm the ESN-JKL's PR & Communications Manager for the year 2015. I'm a fifth year Information Systems Science student, with Information society, communications and business as my Major, and Marketing as my minor. I fell in love with ESN while I was on exchange in Enschede, Netherlands, and decided that being a part of the ESN-family couldn't end there, and so, here I am!

I'm in charge of the sponsor, partner, and student association relations, so if you've got any ideas on that field, come and tug my sleeve and we'll figure out something new and exciting! Let's all have yet another great ESN year here in Jyväskylä!


Sports Coordinator: Victor Deseille

Hey guys!

I am the Sports Coordinator at ESN for this year. During the third year of my Bachelor in Languages Applied to Economics in France, I came to Jyväskylä for Erasmus, and I never really left it, especially since I met my Finnish girlfriend here. I am now studying a Master in English language, as well as German as a minor and plan to study Business in the coming years for a second Master degree.

If you need help with where, when and how to do sports, just ask me :) I am organizing events for different sports and there surely is something you can enjoy here in Jyväskylä!