Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Jyväskylä is a local ESN section.

ESN Jyväskylä organizes multicultural activities, events, and trips for all students interested in internationalization, both Finnish and international. Our events consist of several parties, sports, trips, and projects, about which you can read more on this website. In principle, ESN Jyväskylä operates in English.

Internationally, the Erasmus Student Network is the biggest student association in Europe, and was founded in 1989 for supporting and developing student exchange. We are present in more than 800 Institutions of Higher Education in 40 different countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding.

The Board 2017

Contact the board via esnjyvaskyla [at]

President:  Angelina Kuokkanen
Hey and welcome to Jyväskylä!
I will be president of ESN JKL for the year 2017.
I’m a fourth year Business student majoring in Corporate Environmental Management. Studies take up a big chunk of my time, but when I’m not studying or ESNing, I’m spending time with my friends, watching movies, reading and enjoying nature.
My ESN journey began a year ago when I, inspired by my own Erasmus in Austria (the best time of my life), joined ESN JKL board. Being part of ESN family has been great and I’m looking forward the year ahead of us!
Vice President: Krista Kanerva

Hello! I’m Krista, and for the 2017 I will be the vice president. My major here at the university of Jyväskylä is Finnish language and education. I love languages, foreign cultures and traveling so I guess it’s not a wonder why I am involved with ESN.

I am originally from Jyväskylä but I spent one year before the university abroad in Norway and from there I got my inspiration to join my local ESN section, participate to the activities and to help incoming exchange students. I want to help other people to get the amazing experience of living and studying abroad, because that is something that you don't forget and won't regret later on.

Things that I love are tea, music, movies and gaming. I also enjoy learning something new all the time so I will be hosting Pub Quizzes and International Pubs once a month!

Local Representative: Sarina Geldhof

Hello! My name is Sarina, and I’m the local representative this year, which means that I’m the link between the local and the (inter)national level of ESN. I’m from Brugge, Belgium, and joined the local ESN section in my student city Leuven in 2013. I fell in love with the great atmosphere and spirit in the network, and I haven’t left it since, being involved on both the local, national and international level.
2 years ago, I came to Jyväskylä for my Erasmus exchange in the autumn semester. I really liked it here, so I came back in October 2015 to start my PhD in nuclear physics and joined ESN here last year as well. I spend most of my days in the lab, and when not there you can find me either reading, swimming, baking or watching tv shows at home, out in the city with friends, or somewhere travelling around Europe. I can’t wait to make this an amazing year (again :D) for all of you with the rest of my ESN family!

Secretary: Santeri Pasanen
Hello! My name is Santeri and I will be the secretary this year.
I’m a fourth year economics student minoring in accounting and finance. While writing this I’m doing my own exchange in Madrid and I thought joining the ESN might be the best cure for post Erasmus depression when I come back. I’m into all kind of sports and I will host the weekly sports turn. Hope to see as many of you as possible there!
I hope you all will have amazing time in Jyväskylä. Looking forward meeting you. :)
Treasurer: Jonna Jokinen

Hey! My name is Jonna and I am the treasurer of ESN Jyväskylä this year, which means that I will be taking care of the financial matters of the organization. I am studying business and economics and it’s already my fourth year. My major is accounting so becoming the treasurer was a logical choice for me. Besides handling our money, you will see me a lot in our different types of events. Whenever I have time from my studies, work and ESN, I like to read books, do sports and eat good food.

Travel Coordinator: Venla Wallius

Hi all! I’m Venla, your travel coordinator for the year 2017. I’m a fourth year student majoring in environmental science and technology. I did my own exchange in Canada in 2015 and after I came back home, I joined ESN JKL wanting to help incoming exchange students to make the most out of their stay in Finland.

I’m a serious animal lover and with my dog Lenni I like to do different dog sports and explore the Finnish nature and the streets of Jyväskylä every day. Also, I enjoy dancing, cooking and reading good books. Naturally I love travelling as well and if you have any questions about the ESN JKL trips, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m looking forward to meeting you all, let’s make this year great!

Events Coordinator: Emma Lakkala

Hello everybody,
My name is Emma and I’m the other half of the Event Coordinators’ team this year. I’ve teamed up with Ville and am more than excited to make this year a wonderful experience for all of you exchange students out there and also overall for anyone interested in getting involved in the international amazingness of ESN Jyväskylä!

I’m a language lover, majoring in German language and culture and minoring in English and Social policy. Right now, I’m writing my bachelor’s thesis and trying to figure out what I should do with my life one day. I was lucky enough to spend the most amazing exchange year in Germany and after suffering from a severe post-Erasmus depression I decided to continue engaging in ESN-happenings this time by being one of those organizing and creating things for others! I think this will be a great way to somehow “give back”…
I’m quite a social person and find other people and their stories very fascinating. I grew up listening to music and also playing different instruments from a young age so I’m always up for a concert or anything that has something to do with music. I admire animals a lot (!) and love being in nature, hiking and travelling. I find exploring new, not-so-touristy places especially interesting.

Anyhow, welcome to Jyväskylä, have fun and please do not hesitate to come and chat with me or ask for help. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!

Events Coordinator: Ville Dinh

Hi y’all!
My name is Ville Dinh and I am the other partner in crime with Emma as you Event Coordinators in ESN Jyväskylä. Right now, I’m having my second year in Bachelor of Nursing in Jyväskylä UAS (so probably in case of emergency, you guys know who to call for CPR :D). Well, when I’m not ESNing or studying, I would spend my time at the gym, playing some sports by basketball (anyone else wanna join in). Also I am a big musical geek at heart, so I can just watch hours and hours of my own favorite musicals (and one of my checklist wishes is to write my original musical). Beside I love baking, but for most of the time, I would be the one feeding other people the cakes I made.
I am an international tutor in my university, and also one of the head members of the international club as well, so I was thinking why not expand it more than just my own university, what about being internationalized with the whole Jyväskylä. Therefore I decided to apply for the ESN board in Jyväskylä.
IT Manager: Tomas Varcok

Hi, I´m Tomas and I am the IT manager of ESN Jyväskylä. However, I like helping out with a big variety of other stuff as well, so I am looking forward to meeting you on many events ;-) I am originally from the Czech Republic and I came to Jyväskylä for one year exchange/double-degree studies. Then I decided to stay because I really like Finland :-)

I joined ESN already over 3 years ago in the Czech Republic and I fell in love with the international environment, volunteering and promoting and supporting student mobility. In my free time I enjoy walking in the wonderful Finnish nature (feel free to ask for recommendations), cycling, ice-skating and sometimes trying to bake something :-)

I wish you to have an amazing time in Jyväskylä! You will make many friends from all around the world and create memories which will stay with you for the rest of your lives! ;-) (trust me, been there, done that!)

PR & Communications Manager: Riina Haapasalmi
Hi everyone! I am Riina and I am your PR and Communications manager for the year 2017.
When I’m not studying, so pretty often, I love to bake, hang out with friends, enjoy good beer (any beer let’s be honest) and watch movies with at least one superhero or alien in them. Also, once the hockey season starts, I’ll be hard to separate from my TV. I am always up for hanging out, and if you have any questions, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to come and talk to me!
I’m a fourth year Accounting student, really only interested in my minors, Economics and Finance. I did my exchange in Canada in the Spring of 2016 and met the most wonderful people through their tutoring system, so naturally I wanted to be an international tutor when I came back home. I had an amazing Fall semester hanging out with people from all over the world and felt like I wanted to get more involved so here I am!
I can’t wait to meet you all, let’s make 2017 unforgettable!