Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Jyväskylä is a local ESN section.

ESN Jyväskylä organizes multicultural activities, events, and trips for all students interested in internationalization, both Finnish and international. Our events consist of several parties, sports, trips, and projects, about which you can read more on this website. In principle, ESN Jyväskylä operates in English.

You can find our office at University building MaD, room MaD238 on the second floor. We have office hours almost every week so you can come and buy ESNcard or tickets to our events!

Internationally, the Erasmus Student Network is the biggest student association in Europe, and was founded in 1989 for supporting and developing student exchange. We are present in more than 800 Institutions of Higher Education in 40 different countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding.

The Board 2020


President : Louisa

Hi everyone! Welcome to Jyväskylä! 

I am Louisa, the current president of ESN Jyväskylä. I am also in Finland as an international student since I am doing my masters here in Language, Globalization and Intercultural Communication. 

In my free time I enjoy doing sports such as football or just running. I am the kind of person that would be happy to join any kind of sports, that's why we might see each other in some ESN weekly sport turns on Tuesdays!

I enjoy meeting people from everywhere around the world, that is why I decided to join ESN in the first place. I hope you enjoy all the events that we have planned for you during this semester. See you hopefully soon in any of our events or trips! :)

Vice-President : Maria

Hello everyone!

My name is Maria, I'm a 22-year language student here in Jyväskylä and I'm the Vice-president of ESN Jyväskylä for this year. I joined ESN Jyväskylä last autumn and I enjoyed the time a lot, therefore I decided that I want to be a part of this organization also for the year 2020.

I had my own Erasmus experience in Bologna where I spent almost one year. Now I feel like it's my time to help exchange students to create unforgettable memories here in Jyväskylä. During my free time I love to travel, take reggaeton classes and just spend time with my friends.

I am very excited about this upcoming year and meeting you. If you have anything to ask feel free to contact me and of course, see you in the events! :)

Secretary & Local Representative : Minna


My name is Minna and I am the secretary and local representative this year – so double the trouble. As a secretary, I keep track of what is going on in our local section and you can find me behind my laptop in all of the board meetings, and as a local representative I’m also the link between the local and (inter)national level of ESN. I study educational sciences and I’m now writing my master’s thesis, so that is keeping me quite busy. But I always have space in my calendar for good time with old & new friends! Hope to see you all in our many events :)

Treasurer : Anna

Hello everyone,

I'm fourth-year art history student here at JYU and this is my first year in the ESN board. I decided to join ESN JKL after my own Erasmus experience in Paris: I really missed that international ambiance and meeting new people, so I wanted to be part of that environment once again.

I want to create the best possible exchange experience for you and I hope to see you all in our events.

If you have money related questions so not hesitate to contact me.

Travel Coordinator : Laura

Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I’m the travel coordinator for ESN Jyväskylä in 2020. I’m from Helsinki, but I have studied in Jyväskylä for several years. Currently I’m studying in the master’s program of Language, Globalisation and Intercultural Communication.  

I love travelling and meeting new people. I want to help making our exchange students’ time in Finland unforgettable!  

Please, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions regarding our trips or anything else you have in mind!  

PR & Communication Manager : Riikka

Hi y’all!
I’m Riikka, a sophomore and marketing major at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics. I’m a curious soon-to-be marketer who loves catching up with friends, meeting new people and is passionate about buying airplane tickets.
I’m your PR & Communications Manager for the year 2020, which means I’m the one mostly in charge of posting visual stuff on Facebook and Instagram. I also take care of sponsor and partnership deals and try my best to promote our events not only to international but also local students.
What brought me to ESN Jyväskylä was my amazing study abroad experience in the US in fall 2019. I had the most wonderful time there; I fell in love with rural and urban cities, the people and their outlook on life. My experience as an exchange student in America was inspirational and I didn’t want to lose touch with people from different cultural backgrounds which motivated me to become a part of the exchange student network in Jyväskylä.
Should you have any concerns or if you just wanna chat, feel free to text/email me or approach me on campus or events if you spot me. See ya around!

Events Coordinator : Jenni

Heyy! I’m a second-year information system student here in JYU. I joined ESN Jyväskylä in fall 2019 because I have always been passionate about everything international related. I enjoyed my first semester as part of ESN board so much that I wanted to continue as an event coordinator for ’20 board.
Besides ESN, I like to do all kinds of sports, bake and of course hang out with friends. My other great interests are traveling and cosmetics. I am born and raised in Jyväskylä so if you ever need a tour guide, hit me up.
I hope your time in exchange is full of unforgettable experiences!

Events Coordinator : Noemi

Hi all! 

I’m a master student majoring in Cognitive Computing and Collective Intelligence and I’ll be one of your event coordinators this semester!

I was born in France, lived there a couple of years, then moved to Canada, stayed for over 13 years (did my Bachelor in Computer Science), and now I’m in Jyväskylä. I speak French and English. I really enjoy traveling, so I tend to always plan something! I also like to organize small week-end excursions to discover more of Finland. If I’m not traveling, I’m probably on my computer watching a series or playing video games. 

I enjoyed ESN during my first semester, I was basically at every events so I decided to join the fun! I’m pretty good in terms of organization so I thought I would just try this new experience and enjoy it.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Events Coordinator : Maria

Hey! My name is Maria and just like most of you I am an exchange student here in Jyväskylä! I am 20 years old and from Germany, where I study education in the lovely city of Heidelberg. 

I am always up for anything that involves having a good laugh with other people...and food. Concerts and Festivals are always a good place to find me, sadly not as often as I would wish. When I need some time to get my mind off for a while, movies, series and music are my go to choice. 

I came here one semester ago and had an amazing time so far. ESN helped me a lot to create beautiful memories and meet lots of great people, so finally I decided to stay here for one more semester.

I decided to become part of ESN to help make your time here just as amazing and memorable as it was and luckily still is for me! As one of your event coordinators I hope to provide you with many diverse events full of fun and try to make sure it never gets boring! I am really excited to see all of you around! :) 

IT Manager : Seerat