Are you interested in visiting Finnish schools? Would you like to familiarize yourself with Finnish culture and meet new Finnish people? Would you like to present your home country to Finnish youth?

Erasmus in Schools is a nationwide project aimed at all Erasmus students interested in visiting local/nearby schools during their stay in Finland. It is a great way to make the most out of one's exchange period by getting to know Finnish culture and the schooling system a bit better. International students from Europe will present their country but also increase Finnish students' knowledge of the EU's exchange programs and encourage them to study abroad as well.

Why participate?

Erasmus in Schools is a perfect way to add meaning to your exchange experience. You will:

  • Get to know Finnish culture and Finnish people a bit better
  • Get a chance to promote your home country
  • Get an opportunity to practice your communication as well as foreign language skills
  • Encourage Finnish youth to study abroad later in their studies
  • Receive an official certificate of participation
  • Receive movie tickets as a compensation for your efforts

The project in practice

The main idea of the project is to give Erasmus students a chance to visit Finnish comprehensive schools (grades 7-9) and upper secondary schools. Erasmus students can work as teacher's aides, carry out a project with the class, give a lecture on a certain topic, etc. It depends on what the student and the teacher/school want. And it is not just the language lessons; it's also history, geography, sports, arts, cooking, biology, religion, student councelling classes, and so on. Virtually anything that has something to do with school life! Erasmus students can also participate in a theme day organized by the local school.

Students will be able to expand on their desires and individual skills when they sign up for the program. The actual planning and implementation of the visit will be agreed upon between the Erasmus student and the teacher/school.

Every Erasmus student does 2-3 school visits - these visits are not necessarily done in the same school or with the help of the same teacher, but it is also possible to visit different schools. The student writes a report on every visit and after returning it, he/she will receive movie tickets as a compensation (two tickets per visit). Students will also be given an official certificate of participation. Travelling expenses will be reimbursed if the student needs to travel outside of the city.

More information

  • Read more about the program here
  • Sign up for the program here        
  • Follow the step-by-step guidelines here