Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Jyväskylä is a local ESN section.

ESN Jyväskylä organizes multicultural activities, events, and trips for all students interested in internationalization, both Finnish and international. Our events consist of several parties, sports, trips, and projects, about which you can read more on this website. In principle, ESN Jyväskylä operates in English.

You can find our office at University building MaD, room MaD238 on the second floor. We have office hours almost every week so you can come and buy ESNcard or tickets to our events!

Internationally, the Erasmus Student Network is the biggest student association in Europe, and was founded in 1989 for supporting and developing student exchange. We are present in more than 800 Institutions of Higher Education in 40 different countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding.

The Board 2021


President & IT Manager: Noémi Lemonnier

Moi everyone!

I'm Noémi and I’m a master student in Cognitive Computing and Collective Intelligence. I’ll be your president this year! 

My background is a bit complicated as I have lived in different countries. I was born in France, lived there for a couple of years, then moved to Canada. I did my Bachelor in Computer Science in Montréal and now, I’m in Jyväskylä! I speak French and English. I really enjoy traveling and being on the move, so I tend to always plan something! If I’m not traveling, I’m probably on my computer watching a serie or playing video games. Since I was basically at every ESN events during my first semester, I decided to join the fun. Meeting new people is the best!

Looking forward to meeting all of you!


Vice President: Ali Soukieh

Legend says that the night I was born, 3 fairies came to give me their blessings.
The first said: "Wherever this child goes, good luck shall accompany him."
The second said: "Wherever this child is, he shall always be loved."
And here I am today far from home, lucky to be surrounded by lovely people I am proud to call my family.
I was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, but Syria is where I call home. I completed my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, and then worked as an engineer for 2 years, where I had the chance to ponder over my next step. One thing led to another, and here I am in the second year of my master’s degree in educational sciences.
I hobby football, dragon boating, scuba diving, playing the guitar, and trying things I have’t done before! I am usually a very chill, laid-back person, but when it comes to games, be prepared to see a completely different side of me! It didn't take me long to fall in love with Jyväskylä’s international community, and I hope that I could give back to it as much as gained from it.
"What about the third fairy?" Well, I'll leave that to your own imagination ;)

Secretary: Jenni Ström

Hiii everybody!!
And welcome to Jyväskylä, the best student city in Finland.

I am a 3rd year information system student here in JYU. I’ve been a part of ESN Jyväskylä board since fall 2019 and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I cannot stop! Previously, my position in board has been an event coordinator but this time we are switching things up a little and I’m joining the board as a secretary.

I have always been interested in internationality and eager to learn about other cultures, so being a part of ESN is the best fit for me.

Besides ESN, I like to do all kinds of sports, bake and of course hang out with friends. My other great interests are petting dogs and sleeping. 
I am also born and raised in Jyväskylä so if you ever need a tour guide here in the city, hit me up.

I hope your time in exchange is full of unforgettable experiences!

Local Representative: Elisa Guillaume

Hello everyone,

My name is Elisa, I’m an exchange student like most of you. I’m from France and I’m a business student in double degree for my last year of Bachelor. I study at JAMK University of Applied Sciences.
As an exchange student, I find it really important to have an organization like ESN to improve the experience of exchange students present in Jyvaskyla through events and trips. This is why I joined ESN.
I really like to travel and go out with friends for all sorts of activities. I also go to the gym every week.
I am the local representative so I’m the link between the local (ESN Jyväskylä), national (other sections present in Finland), and international ESN.
Hope to see you around with our events :)

Treasurer: Anna Sirviö

Hello everyone,

I'm fourth-year art history student here at JYU and this is my first year in the ESN board. I decided to join ESN JKL after my own Erasmus experience in Paris: I really missed that international ambiance and meeting new people, so I wanted to be part of that environment once again.

I want to create the best possible exchange experience for you and I hope to see you all in our events.

If you have money related questions so not hesitate to contact me.  

Travel Coordinator: Marta Valle Romeu


Life has brought me to Jyväskylä to study a Master’s in Educational Sciences. I am Marta (not Martha!!), born in Barcelona and graduated in Law. After my bachelor’s I decided I wanted to do something else and have an impact on society, which is something I think can be achieved through education. 

Apart from that, I like books and movies and I am fascinated by the world created by J.R.R.Tolkien. I love eating, crafts, deep conversations (but I also love nonsense talk), ancient history and indubitely, travel. This is why I applied to become the travel coordinator of ESN. I really like to plan travels and I hope I will do a great job this upcoming year. I’m really looking forward to it!

Always keep in mind that “all that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost”.

Events Coordinator:

Laura Alos Barbara

Hey everyone! 

My name is Laura and I’m from Barcelona (El Masnou), a little village in front of the beach. I’m studying Psychology and I will finish my grade in Jyväskylä, which I’m very proud of. For me, enjoying all the moments and meeting new people are the best things to grow up our minds and to live new experiences. These experiences will be with us all of our lives, so we need to take care of them and enjoy every moment.

I’m here with the intention to create a nice group, to be a cozy family and to share all our thoughts and ideas to make your visit special and unique for everyone. 

I love to travel, visit new places, enjoy nature and do some sport (need to be healthy in this life), I also love when people are funny and open-minded. I decided to join ESN because I think that it's a nice opportunity to meet new people and to share my potential, and the most important thing, to create the best adventures of our lives! 
We will be waiting for all of you guys, this is just going to start. 

I hope you want to join us in our activities and to our family. Thanks for reading, see you soon!! <3

Projects Coordinator: Matti Kovanen

Hello there!

I'm Matti, a 3rd-year English major at the University of Jyväskylä and a passionate association enthusiast. Previously, I've worked with the English subject association, Language and Communication students' common association, and the subject teacher students' association. This year, I will act as the Project Manager for ESN Jyväskylä. The position is brand new, so it is not yet perfectly clear what exactly it will include, but I'm looking forward to working with this association as well!

I did my own Erasmus+ exchange in Limerick, Ireland during my second year of studies. Getting to completely immerse myself in the English language was absolutely wonderful, and I also really enjoyed the experience of meeting other exchange students from all over the world. I'm sure you will enjoy it as well!

PS. When I'm not doing association stuff you will find me playing PC games, so if on a rainy day you need company for gaming, hit me up!

PR & Communications Manager: Saara Sonninen


I’m Saara and I’m a third year marketing student at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics. I’ll be the PR & Communications manager for the year of 2021, so I’ll be posting on social media and handling the partner deals for the ESN Jyväskylä. 

I wanted to join the ESN family to meet new people around the world and have an international experience after all since my exchange period got canceled. 

In my free time I love to hang out with friends, watch movies and listen to music. I also like the outdoors, so you might find me jogging with my dog. :)

If you have any questions or just wanna chat feel free to send me an email or message!