ESN Adventure Park and BBQ 14.05.19

WHEN: 12:00, Tuesday the 14th of May
WHERE: Laajis (Meet in reception/cafe)
HOW: With a smile!
WHO: Everyone who is up to the fun of zipping and climbing through the trees.

We will be meeting the the cafe of Laajis at 13:45, and as soon as you check in with the ESN team, sign up on their tablets, sign the consent form, grab a harness and a helmet and wait for the Laajis staff to give you a safety demo!

You will have 3 hours for all of the different courses and if you would like to chill out with your zippy pals after, we will walk up and over Laajis slope to the BBQ, so if you would like some food and beer PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN!

The Adventure Park will cost 20€ with ESN Card and 25€ without the card.

Buy your tickets :

Here are a few tips from Laajis:

* Remember gloves, you will be climbing and holding on to metal wires. Take with your own or buy at Laajis
* Leave your Sunday gear home. There is resin on the trees and clothes may get dirty
* Good shoes. Flat-bottomed shoes work best. Sandals and open shoes aren't suitable for climbing
* You can't wear a back bag when on the courses
* You aren't allowed to take bottle on the courses, but they can be left on start platforms

14/05/2019 - 12:00 to 15:00
ESN Jyväskylä
Ahlmaninkatu 2
40100 Jyväskylä