ESN card entitles you to marvelous discounts to our events and trips and to our many partners in Jyväskylä and abroad! You can find the full list of discounts on our webpage

ESN card sales will be held tomorrow 02.09 in the lobby of C building between 09:00-11:00 and in Agora lobby between 11:00 and 16:00.

ESN card costs 10€ and you can pay for it with cash only. Alternatively you can purchase it beforehand from…/2a344298-20f7-4788-8ab9-b47bd096f1f3 and just collect it from the lobby of C building or from Agora lobby. Please note that before buying an ESN card you must register on our site

Warm welcome to Jyväskylä and see you tomorrow!

- Remember to register!
- We do not accept bills of 50€ or more.
- If possible bring an approximately passport picture sized
photo of you when picking up your ESN card. The picture
does not have to be an official one and can be a printed one
so you are allowed to look dashing! The most important thing
is that your face is clearly visible.