Being an ESN Jyväskylä Active is a great way to be part of ESN while helping the actual board and meeting new people!

How does it work?

ESN Jyväskylä is a non-profit student organisation, therefore it is led entirely by volunteers. The board takes care of daily operations, but an extra hand from our active members to help organize some events or trips is something crucial to us! All help, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated! Actives will always be informed in advance of events/trips/activities that we are planning and they can come help to set  up or even organize it! 

If you're interested in becoming an Active, send an email to or contact us via Facebook or Instagram and we will add you to the Facebook Active group!

How much does an Active do?

As you are a volunteer, you are free to choose how much time you want to dedicate to help us and which event you want to be in! 

What do you get for being an Active?

  • MANY new friends!!
  • International student association experience
  • Be part of a big ESN family!