If helping organising and participating in events and in developping the international community of Jyväskylä sounds interesting to you, you should consider becoming an ESN Jyväskylä Active!


How does it work?

  • Events coordinator organizes Actives meetings where we decide on what events to organize, how to organize them, and who does what. These meetings are usually once a month.


What can an Active do? 

  • Actives are usually involved with our events and trips.
  • Our events usually have one person responsible and a couple of people (Group Leaders) helping out. The number of people involved depends on the event. Actives can be both Group Leaders and the main responsible for events. 
  • Actives can help out with office hours for ESNcards, overalls, patches, beanies sales.
  • Actives can also be involved with ESN Causes.


How much does an Active do?

  • As much as they want and have time for! As volunteers, you devote as much time as you can in activities that you wish to do so. Although, if you promise to help organize an event, please be responsible, we are counting on you!


What do you get for being an Active?

  • New friends and international experience
  • Great student association experience 
  • Something clever to put in your CV


To become an Active, either contact one of our Board members or join us in one of our Actives meetings. To become an Active, you must be a Member of ESN Jyväskylä.

Whenever in doubt, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any Board member!