Welcome to the ESN Jyväskylä General Spring Meeting!

The Spring General Meeting of ESN Jyväskylä will take place on Monday 8th of April. Place is at MaD 381, at the Mattilanniemi Campus at 12:15.

Erasmus Student Network Jyväskylä ry
General Spring Meeting

1 Opening the meeting
2 Selecting a chairperson, a secretary, two (2) scrutinizers and two (2) vote counters
3 Stating the present members who are entitled to vote
4 Confirming the validity and quorum of the meeting
5 Approving the agenda
6 Presentation of the annual report, financial statement, and auditor's statement of the previous year
7 Approval of the annual report, financial statement, and auditors’ statement of the previous year
8 A decision on discharging the board, other persons with responsibilities, and their related liabilities
9 Confirming the sums for the joining fee and the subscriptions for actual and supporting members of the association
10 Selecting the President
11 Selecting 2 Event Coordinators
12 Proposing changes to the budget 2019
13 Closing the meeting

Anyone who has a valid ESNcard and are members of ESN Jyväskylä are entitled to vote.

For more information about the Erasmus Student Network & ESN JKL, check our Facebook group and page and also our website. We made blog post about the open call where you can find more information about the positions and requirements. Find the post here:


Should you have any question about applying for the board or the agenda, you can contact the board at esnjyvaskyla@esnfinland.eu

Cheers and see you around!

ESN Jyväskylä Board ´19

08/04/2019 - 12:15
MaD 381