Do you like games or competitions? Do you like beer pong? Well, ESN jyväskylä welcomes you to our first Beer Olympics!

How does it work? You have a ball, you have 6 cups in front of you, the first team to hit all the cups wins and goes into the next round.

Each team can only be composed of 2 people! So grab a partner, grab some drinks, and sign-up now! All participants are eligible to get a special patch.

Once the tournament is done, you can stay for the after-party at Freetime!

WHAT: The best Beer Olympics of the semester
WHEN: 30.03.2022 at 7PM
WHERE: Freetime
HOW MUCH: 3€ per Team

- Registration is binding! If you cannot attend and you have signed up, you must find someone to take your place.
- We will take pictures and videos at this event! Please warn us if you do not wish to be photographed/filmed or not wish that the image be published on ESN JKL social media.
- By attending this event, you agree to follow our Code of Conduct. Read more here:
- The supervisor of equality and harassment prevention of ESN Jyväskylä is Noemi Lemonnier,

30/03/2022 - 19:00 to 22:00
Kauppakatu 30
40100 Jyväskylä