Hiihtämään, hiihtämään! You have jumped to the icy lake from the sauna so now it’s time to take your experience of Finnish winter to the next level – let’s go skiing! 

Now you have the unique chance to learn skiing with ESN JKL crew, so this is an event where you do not need to know anything about skiing yet. You can choose the real Finnish way, cross-country, or downhill skiing or snowboarding, or why not all of these! FOR THIS EVENT YOU NEED A PRE-PURCHASED TICKET if you wish to join the skiing schools. Tickets sales are in Cafe Libri on Tuesday 2.2.2016 11am-1pm. You are required to pick a time slot for your class at the ticket sales. You can purchase more than one ticket. There’s limited amount of spots, so be fast!

PRICE: 10 e
WHAT: Equipment (= the skis, shoes and sticks) and teacher for 1 h
WHEN: Time slots starting from 9am until afternoon

Downhill or snowboarding:
PRICE: 20 e 
WHAT: Equipment (the skis, boots and sticks if you want so) and a teacher for 50 minutes
WHEN: Time slots are arranged according to interest. You’re required to give your email address for getting final information and preferred times at the ticket sale.

OH WAIT THERE’S MORE!! If you are already a solid downhill skier or snowboarder and wanna go hit the slopes on this day, you get SPECIAL PRICE of 20 e for rental of downhill skiing / snowboarding equipment + ski pass for 3 h with your ESNcard! In this case, you won't need to buy a ticket in advance - just come to Laajis and pay there! Ski lifts will be open for you from 12:00-20:00!

WHAT? Cross-country skiing class / downhill or snowboarding skiing class / just hit the slopes, whichever you prefer!
WHEN? On Monday 15.2.2016 
WHERE? In Laajis
HOW MUCH? 10€ or 20€
WHERE TO GET TICKETS? @ Cafe Libri, Tuesday 2.2.2016 at 11am-1pm. Take cash!

15/02/2016 - 09:00 to 16/02/2016 - 08:45