Welcome to Jyväskylä!

Meet us around the campus during orientation week, come get your ESNcard (scroll down for more details) and your Welcome Bag and say hi!

02.09., 11:00-12:00 & 14:30-15:30, ESNcard & Welcome Bags sale @ Agora main hall

03.09., 15:00, City Tour
We’ll start from the university library towards Harju, the hill near the university, and continue our way through the center to the harbor.

03.09., Get To Know Each Other Hangout @ Mattilanniemi university campus, next to Hotel Alba
Let's hang out after the city tour! If the weather is good, we will relax and picnic at the lake (Jyväsjärvi). Meet the ESN board and other exchange students.

06.09., 11:35, ESN JKL Presentation @ M103 (part of the university's orientation program)
What is ESN Jyväskylä and what do we do? A brief presentation of the organization and our activities for the new students.

06.09., 12:00-13:00, ESNcard & Welcome Bags sale, M-building university campus (in front of the classroom where your orientation program takes place)

07.09., TIME TBA, Kick Off Party @ Bar Bra
Time to kick off the semester with all of your new friends!

Don't forget to subscribe our events on our Facbook page, to be informed about what's going on (https://www.facebook.com/esnjkl/events)!

Also, you can download the ESNapp for Android, iOS and Windows. Choose ESN Jyväskylä and you'll find all our events there as well.

* * *

More details about the ESNcard & Welcome Bag:

The ESNcard is 10 Euros and it's valid 12 month all over Europe.

What's included?
● a DNA prepaid card with €7.- credit
● a drink ticket for Bar BRA
● discounts on our trips to Lapland and Russia
● discounts to ESN events (e.g. parties, Ultimate Sauna Experience, weekly sport turns)
● discounts from our partners in Jyväskylä (e.g. BRA, different restaurants, barber...more information: http://www.esnjyvaskyla.org/partners)
● discount from our international partners (Interrail, airbnb, Hosteling International, different airlines...more information: http://esncard.org/)

What to bring?
10 Euros and a picture! (Doesn't have to be a passport picture and can be printed with any printer. The picture can be added later, but notice that the ESNcard is not valid without a photo.)

To make it a bit easier and quicker, please register here (http://www.esnjyvaskyla.org/user/register) in advance and remember your username. There will also be an opportunity to use computers there for registration, but of course that will take much more time!

01/09/2016 - 00:00 to 09/09/2016 - 04:45