Welcome to the traditional Finnish student party, sitsit. But what is sitsit?

Sitsfest (sitsit, sitning, sitsparty) is a traditional, academic soirée and an old Nordic tradition of eating and drinking while praising the pleasures of life by singing. Besides eating delicious food and enjoying good drinks, the event consists of singing songs.
A sitsfest has a special etiquette that every participant should know beforehand. A sitsfest has two or more toastmasters who lead the event and order some punishments for the ones who break the rules.

Sitsparty has always a theme, and you should dress according it. Our theme will be hogwarts, so get your wands, house scarfs and wizarding hats on and come on and join us for the traditional nordic student event at Freetime.

WHAT: Hogwarts sitsparty
WHERE: Freetime
WHEN: 13.10.2022. 18.00 o`clock. DO NOT BE LATE (there will be punishments for people who are not on time)
HOW MUCH: ticket with alcoholic menu will cost 18€ with ESN card and 20€ without. Ticket includes 1 beer, 1 cider, 2 shots, food, patch and access to afterparty in Freetime.
Tickets with non-alcoholic menu will cost 16€ with ESN card and 18€ without. This includes 2 sodas, 2 non-alcoholic shots, food, patch and access to afterparty in Freetime.
DRESSCODE: Hogwarts theme + overalls (if you have one)

If you have any questions about the event, please contact us in fb/ig dms, ESN whatsapp group or events@esnjyvaskyla.org

NOTE: Make sure you are on time! It would help if you came 15 minutes early so we can start on time. Also, pre-drinking before sitsit is NOT needed!

There's a limited amount of spots, so be fast! Be aware that you won't get a refund if you do not show up at the event, but selling your ticket to someone else is possible.

- We will take pictures and videos at this event! Please warn us if you do not wish to be photographed/filmed or not wish that the image be published on ESN JKL social media.
- By attending this event, you agree to follow our Code of Conduct. Read more here:
- The supervisor of equality and harassment prevention of ESN Jyväskylä is Tereza Pruknerová, president@esnjyvaskyla.org

13/10/2022 - 18:00
Kauppakatu 30
40100 Jyväskylä