Welcome to the traditional Finnish student party, sitsit. But what is sitsit?

Sitsfest (sitsit, sitning, sitsparty) is a traditional, academic soirée and an old Nordic tradition of eating and drinking while praising the pleasures of life by singing. Besides eating delicious food and enjoying good drinks, the event consists of singing songs.

A sitsfest has a special etiquette that every participant should know beforehand. A sitsfest has two or more toastmasters who lead the event and order some punishments for the ones who break the rules.

Sitsparty always has a theme, and you should dress according it. This time the event is a Welcome-one and we'd like you to dress as your country. Think of some traditional clothes in your country or something that represents your country in some way. Be it an item or a complete outfit! Come join us for the traditional nordic student event at Freetime!

DRESS CODE: Dress up in something from your country. You are allowed to wear overalls and you need things that are connected to the theme.

24/01/2023 - 18:00
Kauppakatu 30
40100 Jyväskylä